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In April 2013, Terminologia Embryologica has appeared in book form (ISBN 978-3-1-13-170141-1) and in electronic form (eISBN (PDF) 978-3-13-170151-0). Both were published by THIEME Verlag, Stuttgart. For details see or

Previous announcements: 

Since 2010, Terminologia Anatomica (TA), Terminologia Histologica (TH) and Terminologia Embryologica (TE) are openly accessible at the terminology website of IFAA ( All pages of TA, TH and TE can be easily stored on electronic digital devices as screenshots or clips and may be freely quoted since they are posted as facsimiles of the original pages that keep their pagination.

Two important developments are due to occur soon.

1. Around the Turn-of-Year 2012/13, TA will also be posted as a freely accessible Knowledge Base (KB). This KB will include two parts:

(a) a hierarchical tree view, in which all the terms (official Latin terms AND English equivalents) are listed according to their logical affinity by using logical functions such as <is A>, <BRANCH of> or <PART of>;

(b) individual entity pages directly openable from the hierarchical tree, that render explicit the reason for the hierarchical position and that also give a reference to the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA, Seattle).

N.B. The re-impression of TA recently printed by Thieme is NOT a 2nd edition. It does not contain any modification officially approved by the IFAA.

2. The TE lists posted on the IFAA morphology website were taken from the PDF-files approved by the General Assembly of the IFAA in Cape Town (2009). However, these lists were reviewed and corrected by the Embryology working group of FIPAT, as they comprised a few linguistic or factual mistakes. These corrections will be posted on the IFAA terminology website by Spring 2013. They will also be included in the printed version of TE that Thieme is going to publish as a book.