Supranational Anatomical Projects (FICSAP)


The overall objective of the Federation International Committee for Supranational Anatomical Projects (FICSAP) is to identify the geographical regional associations that require manpower development and training in the field of Anatomy, providing assistance to such associations. FICSAP will also through this process expand its membership and activities in these regions.



Chairman: Prof. Oladapo Adenrele Ashiru, Nigeria

Secretary: Dr. Kevin Ongeti, Nairobi

Assist. Secretary: Ass. Prof Abraham Osunubi, Nigeria



Prof Beverley Kramer: South Africa Resource Professor

Prof Patrick Igbigbi: West African Coordinator

Prof David Brynmor Thomas: Europe Resource Professor

Prof Drake Richard: USA Resource Professor

Prof Sam Asala: Nigeria Coordinator

Prof Aaron Lawson: Ghana Resource Professor

Dr. Apollonius Allen: Europe Dental Anatomy

Prof Okanlawon Abayomi: Lagos Coordinator


Correspondence/IT assistance

Dr Linus Chia Saalu

Mrs Rose Ogeyi Ogbeche



  • Identify associations/medical institutions requiring help in the training of anatomists at postgraduate level.
  • Identify anatomical resources and strengths at National and International level necessary to facilitate the training of human capital in anatomy education.
  • Strategic reinforcement/development of research centers in the different specialties across different institutions in Africa, Middle East and South America.
  • Facilitate cooperative exchange of staff and students in a bilateral or multilateral collaboration.
  • In collaboration with IFAA President act as an exchange coordinator for staff and student exchange
  • Act as the bank for research resource necessary for staff development.
  • In collaboration with IFAA President help in identifying source of funding to actualize the strategic development of human capital and research in anatomy for health care delivery.
  • Define the minimum standards for anatomical education for health professionals in countries that may require such.
  • Act as resource center for external examiners for undergraduate and post graduate examination nationally and internationally to facilitate execution of international standards in anatomy education.
  • Act as resource staff in the development of Anatomy Curriculum for Deans of Medical Schools and for Government and private individuals who are starting new medical schools.
  • Visitation to associations/medical schools that may require pre-accreditation advice in their Anatomy program.


International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) The five-year (2014-2019) Development Plan for the Federative International Committee on Supranational Anatomical Projects (FICSAP)

Prof Oladapo A Ashiru, OFR, FASN, FNSEM

Strategic Development of Anatomical manpower for health care delivery and Research, and strategic increase of the membership of IFAA.

Total Universities in Africa, Middle East, and South America: 626

Year one-three (2014-2017):

  • Kick off meeting with press conference to outline goals, objectives, and plans (This meeting was held on Saturday, May 12th, 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Identify all Universities in Africa, Middle East and South America offering Anatomy especially those offering post grad studies (Done)
  • Write to each university (email) requesting for a contact person to liaise with the body (In process)
  • Design a template (questioner) to be able to identify the current state of studies in the respective universities (In process)
  • Based on responses categorize universities into Urgent, Important and Needed.
  • Draw a budget of what is required in manpower, training and financing and sponsorship
  • If possible organize visits to institutions that require urgent attention (ideally if travel can not be achieved, online video meetings must be held with each representative)
  • Send out correspondence to sensitize about the shift of convention to 2019—-Completed.

Year 4 (2018)

  • Set up body/team that would responsible for pre-accreditation advice to associations / medical schools that would require same (with clear guidelines and deliverables) (In collaboration with FIC on Education)
  • Work with FIC on Education to ensure guidelines for an anatomical curriculum that can be used as a template for governments and private individuals who are starting medical schools are drawn up.
  • Draw up a list of Possible Sponsors (Government, Corporate bodies, institutions, and individuals) both international and local (in each of the countries)
  • Engage sponsors with a list of what is required in line with budget drawn up
  • Follow-up with Sponsorship and donations
  • Prioritize expenditure according to Urgent, important and necessary
  • Commence allocation of expenditure with clear cut deliverables
  • Publicize achievements
  • Sensitization for convention in 2019

Year 5 (2019)

  • Commence exchange programs between schools (both pupils and lecturers)
  • Commence inspections of schools that were on the Urgent and important list with a view to re-accrediting same
  • Sensitization for convention in 2019
  • Draw up consolidated progress report of committee
  • Convention 2019